Looking for a speaker with a unique perspective on parenting, rare disease, change-making in scientific research, the STEM fields, or women leadership?


• The Atlantic’s Women In Science—In Pursuit: Breakthroughs in Medicine Symposium, Washington, D.C.

• The Broad Institute – Saving the Life of One—Translating rare disease research to more common diseases

• Harvard Medical School Precision Medicine 2018 –Assembling the Pieces of the Puzzle – Boston, MA

• CBI’s Rare Disease Innovation Summit –Boston, MA / 2018, 2019

• Quest Diagnostics—Women in Leadership –Marlborough, MA

• Bluebird Bio — Rare Disease Day featured speaker, 2018

• New England Biolabs Seminar Series with Dr. Cat Lutz, from The Jackson Laboratory –Advancing Therapeutic Development and Drug Discovery Through Early Stage Research of Rare Diseases

• Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change —Leadership symposium Keynote Speaker

• Charity Girls of Northeast Massachusetts —invited speaker/presenter

• Charcot Marie Tooth Association —Boston chapter invited speaker


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